Special Education Department

:Special Education Department Mission

To prepare a generation with educational outputs and international specifications, capable of facing the challenges of the time.

Special Education Department Vision:

Preparing a good generation that adheres to moral and religious teaching, loves his country, can learn and integrate into society through learning, purposeful, integrated efforts, investing their holders of capabilities, energies, raising awareness, and the attitudes of society towards them.

Special Education Sections:

 Intellectual education

 Autism (fusion / partial fusion)

 Learning difficulties

The two sections include (boys – girls)

 Support Services:

 Behavior Modification

 Speech and speaking sessions

 Sensory integration

 Occupational Therapy

 Available School Grades:


Elementary school.

Intermediate school.

Secondary school.

teaching methods:

 Group Learning

 Individual Learning (individual educational plan)

Various educational aids Learning

Technology Learning

Diagnosis and evaluation

To determine the student’s current type and level of performance, and the individual educational plans appropriate for each case

Special Education and Rehabilitation:

Training and qualifying the student several skills considering the differences and the special needs of each student

Department programs:

Academic Program:  It includes teaching the special curricula approved by the Ministry of Education besides the individual educational plans

Art Education Program: It aims to provide and develop skills and show students’ artistic talents

Recreational Social Programs: It contains entertaining educational activities, excursions, and outside visits. The school aims to connect the student with the surrounding environment and develop his group skills.

Daily Life Skills Training Program:  Self-care skills training and different independence skills by tuning goals that suit each student

The Sports Program: It includes several programs of motor training for developing aspects of  physical and kinetic visual synergy ability

Speech and Speaking Sessions: individual plan as per each student need, includes receptive and expressive language problems

Occupational Therapy Program: Individual plans according to the needs of each student, which includes training the student in large and accurate motor skills, communication, and social interaction skills.

Specific program: The Ministry of Education is responsible for paying the tuition and transportation fees for Saudi students of autism, intellectual education, and brain paralysis within a specific program.

The instructional coupon program: here