ACIS Vision

ACIS shapes the proactive generation of tomorrow into internationally-minded and well-educated citizens of the world community.

ACIS Mission

ACIS creates a motivating national and international educational environments for students and provides rigorous curriculum and programs of study for a diversity of student body. ACIS encourages learner to pursue academic excellence as knowledgeable and principled world citizens through critical thinking, problem-solving and technological utilization. Our school faster embracement and respect of national identity while integrating the prescriptive of the modern world changes. We strive to inspire a culture of collaboration and innovation to create a community of life-long learning.


ACIS Philosophy

As ACIS emphasizes both academic attainment and character development, we value that: Every student has an individual and cultural skills and interests that should be taken into consideration in the teaching and learning process. Student’s diversity enriches the school community and provides a wealth of cultural embracement. Rigorous education depends on the academic development of a student and the personal development which are both based on respect, tolerance and responsibility by all stakeholders. The school’s communication is invaluable and is open with the school community. School’s programs and curriculum foster of the 21th century skills to prepare students meet the world challenges.


The school is accredited by AdvancED .